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 Rossford Ohio Home to LOF (Pilkington)
The City of Rossford, Ohio has a rich history built around the glass company Pilkington Libbey-Owens-Ford.

    Founded by Edward Ford in 1898, Rossford celebrated its 100th birthday in 1998. The town celebrated with a variety of festivities including the crowning of the Centennial May Queen and the building of the Edward Ford Memorial. There was also a parade, street fair and concert in celebration of the Centennial

    The son of John Baptiste Ford, Edward Ford was born January 21, 1843, in Greenville, Indiana.

    In 1898, he purchased 173 acres of farm land on the Maumee River to build his plate glass factory. In August of that year, the Edward Ford Plate Glass Company broke ground and a new business and a new community was born.

    Trainloads of workers came from the glass plants in Pennsylvania to rejoin the Ford family in Edward's new venture.

    Around the factory, Rossford grew up as a company town. The name was derived by combining the surname of Edward's second wife­Ross­with his own.

    He built the Ford Club near the plant as a place for employees of the glass company to get together with fellow workers and their families.

    And Edward Ford's generosity to the community went beyond construction and the opportunity to work. People would often see him walking into the village's groceries, drug stores and meat markets. It was not until after his death in 1920 that it was learned he was quietly paying the long overdue bills of his employees.

    Caroline Jane Ross Ford was the second wife of Rossford's founder Edward Ford. Through her devotion to her husband and family, she was instrumental in the founding of the City of Rossford and the beginning of the Edward Ford Plate Glass Company.

    Born in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1853, she was 19 when she married Edward Ford in 1872.

    She married into an instant family with two children from Edward's first marriage, Mary and John. Carrie enthusiastically cared for the children as if they were her own; taking the burden from her new husband who had suddenly found himself a single father.

    Carrie and Edward went on to have three children of their own: Laura was born in Columbus in 1874, Edna was born in Jeffersonville, Indiana, in 1879, and George Ross Ford was born in Creighton, Pennsylvania, in 1882.

    Having outlived her husband by 16 years, Caroline Ross Ford died of cancer at the age of 83 on November 27, 1936.

source: City of Rossford, OH